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Friday, May 30, 2008

561. she's out there somewhere in a little plastic cocoon (read 557 first)

it's getting dark out.

about 718 miles ssw of here keaton is doing only god knows what by herself.
alone on some isolated appalachian mountain top.
huddling near her little, plastic tent.
thinking those thoughts that come to a human at a time like this—alone, vulnerable, dark.

and i worry too. and i will worry all night. and i will worry until she calls me some time tomorrow.

(because i love her in a way that is so much more serious than the fun i poke at her on these pages)

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Keaton's Mom said...

You are just an incredible human being, aside from being a wonderful humorist. You know how to point out the truth, and make one laugh at the same time. But we love your soft side the best. You must report on Keaton's seek and find experience.