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Friday, May 30, 2008

560. just when i think i've heard ...

just when i think i've heard that last great melody, that last great lyric, that last great musical emotion, something comes my way that starts it up all over again.
and when it does, it's impossible for me to separate that perfect harmony of sounds from my reality.
my emotions, my thoughts and my very being rattle.
i cry, i smile, i nod, i think, and i feel.
i am left with a few more smarts and with a few choice notes that bounce around my brain innards for weeks on end.
it becomes all i can hear.

such was the case when i recently first heard tom waits sing tom traubert's blues.
it's been around forever.
it's not for everybody.
in fact, i think it's for no one.
quite honestly, you have to be close to the darkest of places with a half bottle of a 12 year old, peatey, single malt at your side before you can let it unfold.
and if you are a postal employee, well, listen at your own risk.
but if you are willing and disabled, it is a song that stops life—in a way only music can.

(this coming from a guy who has been known to sing nothing like a dame and inna gadda da vida in the same day.)

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