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Friday, December 26, 2008

(from the files) 540. zooming in on my next career

having decided it is time to change careers, i'm approaching this endeavor through the process of elimination.
and the first thing that comes to mind is that i'm not good at building houses, cars, or appliances, and i'm far worse at maintaining them.
sad to say, i'm not a handyman.
i'm more a footyman, you might say.
i'm good at fetching and hauling stuff, especially earthlings.
so maybe a taxi driver, or better yet, a chauffeur to the stars would be a good idea.
but the more i think about it, that's a dumb pursuit, because the next thing i'm not good at is having the stomach for bossy, know-it-alls who feel like they can mistreat others just because they are paying for their services.
hmm—not the kind of devil-may-care environment my snappy wit demands.

okay, this is going better than i could ever have imagined.


itsmecissy said...

"Every Path has its Puddle" supposedly an English Proverb.

Changing careers may be tricky. My Dad was a taxi driver and a chauffer - to the stars no less (Lake Tahoe/Reno area)- and he loved it. Course, he was a talky-chatty-personable type, which I did not inherit.

I've lately been feeling like leaving the library and becoming a truck driver, except for the hemorrhoids that is.

Pam said...

Become a pet sitter for others. I know lots of folks who need a reputable, trustworthy animal lover to pet sit so they can travel. You can write while you're waiting for Fido to finish his/her breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Keaton's Mom said...

Hey Pam, that sounds like a fantastic idea. He could walk them to The Pond and comtemplate life, and conger up his next Pondings. I think we would see really upbeat messages from the Pond.