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Friday, December 26, 2008

(from the files) 380. on dr. wayne w. dyer

dr. dyer is a pbs fund drive mainstay.
he writes books about zen and positive thinking stuff.
he likes to walk about an intimate stage in barefeet as he speaks to people about his peaceful thoughts.
occasionally he promenades his daughter out to serenade the audience.
she has a nice voice.
he’s a proud parent.
i suspect he makes a lot of money doing all this.

he annoys me.

don’t get me wrong, the point of his messages make sense—commonsense really.

but he still annoys me.

it’s all this talk of energy and one source and everyone is related to everything else.
i mean no disrespect, after all, it does sound pretty new agey, which goes quite well with my large collection of windham hill cds.

but he annoys me nonetheless.

don’t know why.
maybe it’s that i don’t believe anybody can be so in touch with his or her natural energy source field—like thats for real, like numerology for instance.

or maybe it’s the barefeet.

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