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Monday, May 3, 2010

(from the files) 479. thinking things through

keaton and alix (my pseudo step daughter) have been schooling this past week along the beaches of california.
well, keaton is schooling, alix is along for the sun.
so i got a report-in call from keaton the second night.

keaton said, hello! you won't guess what happened! i met two guys in class who own a nuclear power plant in texas somewhere. alix and i went out to dinner with them and they got really plastered, but we were able to make them think twice about the problems with their little nuclear reactor. so in gratitude, they paid for the meal, and alix might even get an internship out of the deal. so how about them apples?
i said, this is a complexly layered story you tell. i need to think about it.
she said, oh, that's why i love you so much. you really like to think things through. i'll call you back later, after we get back from dancing with our new friends.
i said, okay you do that, and i'll think this through.
she said, bye.

so i started thinking it through but stopped when i got to the part when we would have to divide up the dave matthews cd collection, which makes no sense because keaton doesn't even like dave matthews that much.

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