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Sunday, January 27, 2008

500. time to take stock

well cranelegs pond has reached a blogging milestone of sorts, 500 posts.
and it's time to take a break.
maybe a long break.
we'll see.

it's also time for me to take a moment to thank all my friends at cranelegs pond, those who post and those who quietly read and return to quietly read some more.
it's been fun.
i hope for you as well.
thanks again!


Keaton's Mom said...

The Pond is far from drained. You have at least a thousand or so left. With all this global warming you must NOT drain the pond!!! Is that clear? I'm sure your site guests would agree with me. Monday morning is my favorite, because I can catch up on the weekend 'Ponding.' How will I keep up with Keaton and Alwx without you?

vandy said...

Congrats on your milestone. I have enjoyed reading recently and catching up on the files from the past. I will keep reading and commenting as long as you keep writing.

itsmecissy said...

Take stock already, but please come back!

JennyWren said...

You do realize, you are a muse for me. So a long break would be absolutely unacceptable.

Enjoy your weekend, maybe even your Chinese New Year and come back to the pond. If you are in need of inspiration, you are more than welcome to visit Minnesota and do a little Ice Fishing in our ponds, that will at least make you laugh.

Keaton's Mom said...

See, I told you the other 'ponders' would be upset if you stay away too long! We love the wonderful warm writings that come from the Pond.

Pam said...

NEVER give up writing! You're just a stone's throw away from getting published. You have talent!
Wow! 500 posts! Now that is a milestone. I really enjoy reading your "warm, fuzzy" style of writing. You give your readers a big hug each time you compose a post.

-Pam Beers
Bob Crane Cheerleader

Wamblings said...

gahhhhh, I've only just found you and you are taking a break? NOOOOOOO! OK that's it. Break over. Come back and write! OK this is it. I'm staging a sit in. I'm going to sit right here in YOUR chair till you agree to come back and write more. Oh and if you're not going to use that frozen pork chop, do you mind?

Keaton's Mom said...

Boy Bob, I guess we let you know a thing or two....Glad to see you mind well....