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Sunday, January 16, 2011

(from the files) 403. when men get sick

i’m dying.
fever, shakes, aching muscles, sweats, chills.
and i’m all by myself.
but that’s okay, just carry on with your healthy lives.
i’ll maje due. (oops, “make due”; i'm too weak to backspace and correvt it.)

i’m hallucinating as well.
i think.
mainly on account of there is a nude statue of margaret thatcher in the bathroom taking a shower.
but that’s okay if she's real.
excuse me for a moment.
"i'm not fetching you a linen towel, maggie! you’re a statue for chrissakes! just drip dry ya demanding old plaster biddy!"
sorry about that.

yeah, anyway, when men get sick, we pretty much just carry on without complaining or burdening those more fortunate healthy ones around us.

holy smokes!
gotta get outta my death bed.
maggie is in the front yard posing like some sort of nude.
gotta coax her inside before i've got an international incident.
but i'm not complaining.

ah ah ah choo!


Randy Johnson said...

And my wife thinks I'm bad. Can't wait to show her this! Thanks bob, for bumping me down to "second" most dramatic sick man in the world :)

BTW, the verification code to post this comment was dionslin …sounds like something you might want to ask your doctor for.

lightly said...

forget it randy, there is no second place here, we males we all get this sick and whiny (who said that)

itsmecissy said...

This kinda says it all

Robert Crane said...

itsme: brilliant! I laughed out loud, even through my agony, and that is not an ordinary event. "Man cold"! says it all. Where's me bell.
Tingaling! Tingaling!

Okay, the story. How did you find this video?

itsmecissy said...

Googled "Man Cold." We librarians have trade secrets ya know...

supermom said...

And Society expects us women to LIVE with you men and your drama?

switching teams

itsmecissy said...

Good one supermom! No question who the stronger sex is - LOL!