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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(from the files) 386. benny and i disagree, we’re both pro choice

i said, benny, i’m pro choice.
benny said, so am i. if people want to choose to be homosexuals, who am i to stop them, even though it’s the dumbest thing they’ll do.
i said, what are you talking about? i’m talking about abortion, a woman’s right to choose.
benny said, oh. i’m against that.
then i said, well, being gay isn’t a matter of choice or being dumb.
so benny said, hmm … i guess we disgree on all this stuff.
i said, yeah, sure does sound like it.
then he said, well, actually we are both pro choice right? just on different things.
then i said, yeah i guess that’s one way to look at it.

benny thought for a minute and then said, sooo ... let's agree to disagree but in a way that we agree.
i said, i disagree.
benny said, exactly!

and i thought, boy benny would make a great senator.


Jayne said...

Haha... benny is so funny.

bob said...

oh, he's a pip jayne, he's a pip!

timethief said...

lol ... I enjoyed the diversity perversity :)

bob said...

hey thanks for stopping by! good to see ya around these parts! glad you enjoyed!