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Saturday, December 13, 2008

(from the files) 71. bad breaker uppers

if i did one thing right growing up, it was going steady with girls who were good breaker uppers.
they’d say, it’s over.
i’d say, is there any chance.
and they’d say, only if you believe monkeys can fly.
and i’d say, i guess that settles that.

i am reminded of this because my pseudo step daughter, alix, is proving to be a bad breaker upper.
but the best bad breaker upper by far is my former sister-in-law.
she’s married with three kids and a dog.
her old boyfriend from 1984 still thinks they are just taking a breather from each other and is awaiting her call.
now that’s some bad breaking upping.


Jack Payne said...

Can you say b-o-r-n l-o-s-e-r? What other "fit" could this relationship have?

bob said...

thanks jack for stopping in at the pond and taking the time to leave a comment.