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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

385. it’s back to school time

well it’s september and that means getting the kids off to school—alix to college, my son to grad school, and keaton to doctoring school.
i understand what alix and my son are studing, but keaton is into something called, "human organizational systems and things like that".
(truthfully, i think it borders on secret society stuff.)

anyway, she is in california finishing up her first week of classes.
she has met her teachers and classmates and they seem nice, although she suspects several may have been held back ten years or more, while others must be forty-something prodigies, based on their ages and such.
yesterday she had arts and crafts, and drew a picture of her favorite childhood game using her new, phd crayons, and then told a story about her picture to her class and teachers.
last night she participated in the school’s fall talent show.
she planned to sing, which quite honestly might get her kicked out of the program.
even so, it’s good to see that she is moving outside her comfort zone.

apparently, she can’t wait to get back and tell me all about her first week.

to tell you the truth though, she has five more years of this stuff.
i’m going to suggest she consider transferring to an online doctorate in colon cleansing—you know, something a little bit more quick, inexpensive and serious—i just need to work on how to cleverly move the discussion in that direction without upsetting the apple cart.


itsmecissy said...

Careful bob, I foresee a BIG manstake ahead.....

bob said...

oh baby! you're tellin 'me! there might be a chill in the air at the airport pick-up! so i removed more poison ivy to win her favor!

Keaton said...

You are in SOOOOO much trouble....

bob said...

uh oh ...