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Friday, August 24, 2007

356. did you pack any explosives, knives or firearms?

the security agent asked, have you packed any explosives, knives or firearms?
i asked, is a sword a knife?
she said, yes, of course.
i asked, do you consider a jar of black plague an explosive?
she said, hmm, good question.
she made a call to her supervisor.
then she said, a conditional yes. it depends on your purpose for carrying it.
i said, suppose i collect jars of different diseases for hobby.
she said, a disease hobbyist are ya? that’s okay.
so i said, well then, i answer no on all counts.
she said, thank you, please head to your gate.
then i asked, hey, i'm just curious, so i hope you don't mind my asking but have you ever tripped up a terrorist with that probing question?
she said, the word is out that they will be asked, so they aren’t flying any more. sir, i don’t think i’m going out on a limb when i say the skies haven’t been safer.
i said, that’s a relief. good job, security agent.

and i made my way to the gate thinking these homeland security guys and gals sure are on the top of their game.

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