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Thursday, August 23, 2007

355. the fear factor

benny said, america is the home of the brave.
i said, i don’t know. first it was all that talk about mushroom clouds and wmds, and now it's this fighting them over there or else we’ll be fighting them in our malls and nursery schools stuff. it makes me wonder if maybe we are the house of the scared.
then benny said, terrorist lover.
and i said, hmm … well based on the veracity of all the white house talking points you’ve regurgitated since the war began, i’d have reason to be concerned if you thought otherwise.
then benny said, your clever, elitist, defeatist, double speak won’t work on this brain, osama bin cranelegs.

i thought, finally, we agree on something.
so i nodded my affirmation and left it at that.

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