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Thursday, February 12, 2009

310. only a mother

ma called me earlier.

she: are you all right?
i: yeah. why?
she: didn’t you hear about those tornadoes?
i: they were in oklahoma, ma. i live sixty minutes from you in new jersey.
she: yeah well you’re always driving the car somewhere. how do i know you’re not in oklahoma?
i: ma, why don’t you call rick? he lives ten miles closer to oklahoma than i do.
she: oh sweet jesus, i better call him.

then she hung with not so much as a good bye.
i thought, i purposely moved second furthest away to avoid such mom matters of catastrophe. flawed logic apparently.


Keaton's Mom said...

You can never get away from a mom's protective wings. We just have to check everything out and be sure. You never know...a tornado moves pretty fast...

itsmecissy said...

Up until she passed away in January 2008, I had to call my Mom everyday just to "check in." I miss that more than anything now. Call you Mother, she worries!