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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

290. i need a job

i need a job, and i need it licketty split.
i really don’t want to return to what i did before for thirty plus years but i may have no choice.
i’m thinking more along the lines of a “giving back” type of job, like mentoring.
but to mentor means to have something worthwhile to provide, and the only thing i can think of is to mentor people to watch hbo’s flight of the conchords, which just doesn’t seem like enough to build a career around.

in a past life, i’m pretty sure i cobbled shoes and sewed hats for court jesters—you know, with the bells and wild colors and all.
i wouldn’t mind doing that again but the only jesters i know are hannity and coulter and they don’t wear stuff like that anymore.
maybe i could do a jack-ass type of show on the local cable, free access channel from a retirement village, like play golf cart shuffle board in an adult diaper or something.
but it seems trite, not very altruistic.

so what can i do?

any suggestions would be appreciated.

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