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Monday, July 23, 2007

288. 6 cranelegs ways to be more productive at work

i usually do not add a post at mid-day, but i just saw another one of those numbskull ‘x number of ways’ articles in yahoo that i couldn’t let slide.
it lists 6 ways to be more productive at work.
they’re pretty esoteric.
so i thought i would provide 6 practical ideas taken from the cranelegs 'principle of one'.

1. work one more hour a day at office.
2. eat only one lunch a week (just make it big and eat it at your desk).
3. shorten weekend by one day.
4. reduce vacation by one week.
5. find one dentist who makes cubicle visits.
6. use only one sick day a year and use it wisely (e.g., recovery from a triple bypass caused by productive employment heart failure syndrome or something).

if you follow the cranelegs 'principle of one', you should have no problem making up for the lost productivity from executing that lame yahoo plan.

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