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Saturday, February 21, 2009

(from the files) 283. a reiki conundrum

keaton said, i’m leaving to take reiki training.
i asked, what is that, new age gardening or something?
she said, healing hands.
i said, didn’t know your hands were injured.
she said, no, healing hands, like in focusing my life force energy through my hands to heal low energy sickness in others.
i said, you know i’ve been feeling low energy in my shoulders lately.
she said, yeah well why do you think i’m doing this?
i said, cause you couldn’t get into new age gardening class?
she said, hmm … i wonder if reiki can fix low energy brains.
i said, i think that's what 'head on' does.

apparently my response lowered her self awareness energy for some reason because she shut the front door on her hand as she left.
and i can only imagine that in reiki circles injured healing hands is the stuff of big conundrums.

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