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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(from the files) 281. the titanium evening

upon returning from a trip to scotland, i got all medievally and started having big man ideas.

i proclaimed, if i were a knight, i’d pound my armor out of titanium. it would make me more light of weight, more fleet of foot, and more swift of sword.
my claim rang empty.
keaton contested, but it would make you a lesser knight as well. actually not really a knight at all. more like an evening. yes, you would be an evening.

i pondered her words for a moment.
my face creased in concentration.

then i spoke most wisely, hmm … an evening. yes, an evening. i would like to be your evening in shining titanium.
to which keaton mused, alas, and a shimmering, short one it would be. such is my fate.

and i thought, ha! just the pedestrian thought of a peasant girl!


lightly said...

with the male ego what it is I would have thought Scotland I is/are a king but alas not you, you seemed to have aimed a little low, nothing but a night not even a dark night at that.
but then again if its only peasant woman you want who am i to question your standards

bob said...

exactly commoner! that's what i'm talking abouteth!