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Friday, June 15, 2007

226. michael alan weiner and the rest of the story

michael alan weiner grew up in the bronx new york, the son of russian jewish immigrants.
he longed to be a standup comic in the lenny bruce tradition.
instead he earned his phd in nutritional ethnomedicine and authored books in herbal medicines and homeopathy.
while writing his books, he befriended beat poets allen ginsberg and lawrence ferlingghetti, even posing with allan in the nude (not that there is anything wrong with that).
today mr. weiner is the third most syndicated radio talk host in the country.
most recently he won “the freedom of speech” award.
you probably know him as michael savage—of all the self-promoting surnames to choose, an interesting choice—a man who channels his personal demons and fears into messages of hate and intolerance, proving a deserving icon of speech freedoms no matter how dangerous.
now you now the rest of the story.
and now i have to go and hose myself down.

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