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Thursday, May 3, 2007

82. what would larry david do

i know it's me but I can’t get past it, and believe me, i can dance with the best of them when it comes to small talk.
i’ll use the party scenario, but it happens everywhere.
it goes like this.
i say to a stranger, oh this crab dip is scrumptious.
the stranger says, yes, its heavenly … praise the lord!

it's that "praise the lord" part stops me in my simpleminded tracks.
but rather than politely move away from the bonehead, i do something odd.
i answer, amen.
it just comes out of me like an involuntary reflex grunt.
i might just as well be speaking in tongues.
then i ask for directions to the bathroom and lock myself in for a minute or two, while i ponder what would larry david do.
and conclude sadly, the same thing.

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