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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

77. the bp ceo mess

benny said, hey did ya here about the bp ceo quitting cause the british press was about to blow the lid off his secret relationship with a guy of the same sex?
i said, yeah i did, kinda sad actually.
benny said, yeah well it just goes to show, if ya hide things you’re gonna get caught.
i said, so are ya saying that if he had been up-front about his lover he’d still be ceo.
benny said, no way, he was a perverted, gay sicko, what do ya think!
i said, i think you make my hair hurt sometimes.
benny said, then i guess you’re allergic to common sense.
i said, it’s uncommon nonsense benny.
he said, actually it’s more common than you think.

then i thought, he might be right.

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