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Thursday, May 31, 2007

180. sean insannity

i asked, hey sean, for a guy who seems quick to want to send other people to fight evil where ever you believe it is, why didn't you join the army after high school when you were lost and floundering?
he said, because i don’t take orders so well, and i would have been courtmarshalled for mouthing off to a drill sergeant.
i said, oh, i’m sorry, i thought it was for some lame excuse, like you are an idiot or something.
he said, i accept your apology—you al qaeda lovin’ lib you.

then i thought, well this certainly is the last time i tangle with him. he’s a wildcat of wit.

(a note: okay he's really not a wildcat of wit, but that really was his reason for not joining the armed forces, which he has told his listeners a number of times)

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