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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

(from the files) 178. the poppy help desk scripts

my dad (a.k.a., poppy) called last night.
poppy said, hey babes, got a moment?
(he calls everyone, babes)

i thought, uh-oh, solitaire isn’t working on the pc again.
i said, yeah pops, what’s up?
he said, babes i hate to bother you but the tv picture doesn’t work. it’s just snow. have any ideas?
so i pulled out my trusty poppy help desk script in order to walk through the questions in order: which remotes he used, on which components, in what modes, in what sequence, etc.
it can be a lengthy procedure.
anyway, it was a fruitless attempt, and i missed "the daily show" to boot.
so he had to settle for watching the bedroom tv until professional help could arrive.

the next morning he called to tell me he fixed it.
he plugged in the cable box that he had disconnected as part of his vacuuming routine.

so i promptly added "is the cable box plugged in" to the beginning of my poppy help desk script as part of my continuous process improvement strategy.
come to think of it, maybe i should add power outage too, which would score nicely for my "thinking out of the box" initiative.

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Ladygoodwood said...

Don't you just love them? Love the idea of your having a check-list!! never thought of that one.
My mother's answer to anything electrical that doesn't work is to hit it. Now as chld when we had a valve TV (yes I am that old..) giving it a good clump worked, it sort of re-energised the set and it came back to life. My mother has stuck with the same formula. You see electrical appliances in the shops, cowering to the back of the shelf when she approaches.
When the central heating boiler wouldn't work, it got a clump, then another one. In the end my mother could have been arrested for boiler assault. When the engineer came out, he said,"all the internal balance screws have fallen out" - have you banged anything into it?". She stood there, bold as brass, and said " Oh no. But I asked my daughter to have a look at it and you know what these young people are like and went all coquettish!"