"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Friday, November 23, 2007

(from the files) 166. benny’s vote of confidence

i said, hey benny i don’t know how much longer i can keep writing this stuff.
he said, i think you should stick with something until you become successful, ya know, go toe to toe with failure. you can do it! ya just have to suck it up and move forward!
i said, gee thanks for the vote of confidence but i don't think this blog will ever really make it.
he said, your tellin’ me, i was talking about selling tropical fish or somethin’.


Keaton's Mom said...

Hey, tell Benny to SHUT UP!!! Go get a brain somewhere. You keep doing what you do. I don't know about others, but it brings me joy. A priceless comodity, by the way.

Keaton's Mom said...

Oops...that's comModity...