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Friday, December 19, 2008

(from the files) 162. a gay rule from andy

andy said, hey did you hear? renaldo came out of the closet.
i said, yeah.
andy asked, well what do you think?
i said, about his being gay?
andy said, yeah.
i said, i don't know, what about you?
he said, about his being gay?
i said, yeah.
he said, i don't think we should both be talking about this. it makes me uncomfortable. it seems gay.
then i asked, so what do ya wanna do about it?
then he said, i think a good rule is that only one guy can talk about gay stuff, the other guy has to talk about something else.
so i took the lead and said, all righty then, i’m okay with renaldo being gay.
then he said, how about those mets.
i said, yeah, they beat the yankees.
then he said, i’m okay with renaldo too.
i said, feel more comfortable now.
he said, I gotta tell ya, not really.

so we dropped the whole thing.

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