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Sunday, February 10, 2008

(my first post from 4/7/07) 1. the brain, check-in counter

i pulled out my first cranelegs pond post to see how i have grown as a blogger and humorist—to see how i have improved my craft, if you will.
(commentary to follow)

1. the brain, check-in counter

on my way out of the movie, "300", i stopped at the brain check-in counter to retrieve my mind.
i noticed i was the only man on line.
eventually, i handed my ticket to the check-in lady.
i said, number 26. it's the small one, light gray, smells like garlic.
when she handed me my brain she said, that'll be three dollars.
then she said, you know it's small enough that you really don't need to check it in sir, after all, you are, you know ... a guy.
i said, gee thanks for the tip.
and then i gave her an extra buck.

hmm ... oh well, maybe this improving one's craft notion is highly overrated.

1 comment:

Pam said...

300...yikes! Unfair depiction of Persians. Worse yet, it would have left my brain fried. There would have been nothing to pick up.