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Saturday, November 10, 2007

(from the files) 53. jimmy legs

it’s strange.

i can walk, bend, stand still, and lean for hours in the hot sun during eighteen holes of golf while dragging around a bunch of metal sticks in a canvas bag, and never tire.
but take me to a mall to “shop” with keaton, and by the third rack of j. jill apparel—usually the first store—i get jimmy legs and need to sit down to rest.

next time i’m going to carry my clubs to see if that helps.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading through your blog, and I think it's hilarious. Thanks for some good laughs this lovely Friday morning!

cranelegs said...

thanks carrie! i'm tryin' here! if you feel inclined to, pass your discovery along to your friends (or maybe enemies).

Anonymous said...

You men are all the same! Shopping can be a bit more strenuous then golf though. It is spending the money that makes me exhausted : )

bob said...

it's the trying this and trying that and all those trick questions about "does this make me look fat" that requires a vat full of gatorade chock full of b12 to keep me energized and focused enough to survive 25 minutes.

thanks for stopping by melinda!

Keaton's Mom said...

Never met a guy who knew how to shop, unless he was one of the girls.

By the way, love the new background. Very masculine. No mistaking you for a shopper!

bob said...

yeah, i'm pretty much a he-man.

itsmecissy said...

We're just wired differently.

For example: "Men don't listen" because your brains only have one speech centre (women have two); and "Women can't read maps" because their sense of spatial awareness is not as developed as a man's (in most cases).

Let's just enjoy each other!