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Thursday, April 14, 2011

vampire dairies

okay so alix is watching something called the vampire dairies, i think.
okay so she tells me like it's the best thing on tv.
okay so like cspan III is like three times as good but i don't tell her that because i know what can happen when the house estrogen balance gets outta whack, which i've done in the past and believe you me it isn't pretty.
ok so like she says the vampire dairies, which i can only surmise means her so-called vampires drink the blood of virgin cows, are fascinating, but like i'm thinking she doesn't know vampires.
i know vampires and they're all like bela lugosi.
bela lugosi would suck these bovine sucking vampires dry if they were virgins, which based on all their sex shenanigans i'm guessing they're not anyway, is what i'm continuing to think.
but i guess she needs to have her little vampire fantasy.
so i let her have it on account of the estrogen balance thingy.
but like that doesn't change the fact that i know she's clueless when it comes to blood drinkers, which i guess sounds kinda weerd (because i never spell weerd right, so it always sounds like it but doesn't look like it).

i don't know.
these vampire dairies are lame nonetheless!
and i guess that sorta like really bothers me because like i said, i know vampires.
probably more than i should to be like mentally healthy.

come to think of it, you know what?
forget the whole thing.

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