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Sunday, April 24, 2011

filled with easter spirit

keaton and alix are somewhere in holland.
my son is quite busy with his mom and step-dad.
so i'm home alone with annabel, our beloved yellow lab.
but it's easter and although i'm leaving in a few hours to join the brothers crane in what should be another memorable afternoon of storytelling and laughs, i've been hellbent on not letting a little aloneness get in the way of easter spirit.
and nothing gets annabel and me into it like a good old easter egg hunt.
so yesterday in anticipation i bought a dozen eggs, painted them with some left over beige interior semigloss wall paint, rolled them in sparkles and other adornments, then boiled them, and froze them over night, while i cleaned up the pots, stove top and paint brushes with turpentine.

about an hour and a half ago i took the eggs and hid them throughout the backyard.
i went back inside and had a cup of joe as i anxiously waited to forget where i had placed them.
twenty minutes later, annabel and i set out to find them.
boy i am a good egg hider.
thirty minutes later we had found a grand total of eight; five for annabel, three for me.

exhausted from climbing trees and digging up the yard, we retired  to the kitchen to make egg salad together, eating our easter bounty off the best china placed on the floor.
and now we are just sitting around like slugs filled with the easter spirit.
it's a nice feeling.
and i just knew it would be.


itsmecissy said...

Happy Easter bob & Annabel. Hope you find the rest of those eggs before summer time, else peeeee-youuuuu!

Robert Crane said...

thanks itsme, hope your easter was eggsactly what you wanted.

Pamela Beers. said...

Wait a minute! You painted them and then boiled them, then froze them? Yuk! Yuk! Triple Yuk!

You and Annabel must have been fun to be around on Easter evening. ;-}

Thought Bubble Ten said...

Hi there! Thanks for showing up at my blog :). I love your new (?) approach to life - let the naughty in, show the prudent and predictable the door!

It's fun reading your stuff. Glad you made your Easter wrok for you. (Yeah, that's a bit of naughty spelling for ya :))