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Monday, March 7, 2011

a cadillac thought

i don't get this.
i saw a tv ad for cadillac in which they proudly proclaim how they have overcome the problem drivers have with their windshield wipers when driving through rain at 190 mph.
so i thought, wow! they figured out when this occurs how to shut down the engine and electrocute the driver!
now that's some fantastic engineering!

but noooo ...

they did not reach for what we all might agree is my sensible, socially-responsible solution.
instead, they simply messed around with the blades, making it possible to drive faster than 190 mph in the rain with working wipers.
then i thought, other than possibly charlie sheen and apparently a few nut jobs at cadillac, who else would want to do that?
and is there a way to identify them, round them up and move them to the desert?


Pam said...

Seems to me there are a helluva lot more problems going 190 mph than windshield wiper blades. Especially when officer friendly catches up with you.

Randy Johnson said...

Caution: Wipers that good can also julienne you as you fly through the windshield.

Laurie said...

Gas prices being what they are, they are going to need an electric car that goes 190 to make these wipers worthy of a test drive.

On another subject, my word verification word, below, that allows me to post on this blog, is "humpate." Is this a verb, as in "to humapte or not to humpate?" Or is it a naughty noun, as in "the sour sounding humpate needed a tuning down at the music shoppe?" And who makes these words up?