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Saturday, March 12, 2011

book project update and then some

just a quick update on the book project.
in a word: holysmokes
got feedback from my crackerjack editor of the first eight chapters.
in a nother word: prettyprettypretty-prettygood
so i'm plowiing forward to finish a first draft.
but the pace is slow.
one reason is on account of i get a blank mind occasionally, which gave me reason to enter the following post into the book.
one of the pond posse should be delighted (hint).

anyway, here is the post from the past that might explain what it's like around here some writing days.

empty canvas

i just sat down to blog with absolutely nothing on my mind, a rather normal circumstance these days.
let's see what happens and i will report in real-time (a sort of inside look at bob's mental innards in motion).
oh baby, here goes:

need a title.
is that a nose hair on the keyboard?
touch it and see.
geez, it is.
wonder how long that's been there?
i'm falling apart for chrissakes.

need a title!
let's see.
"clean slate"
hmm ... better put some clothes on, this is even weird for me.
wait, that'll be my reward for finishing this.
did i pay citibank?
wonder how many visitors i got yesterday?
let’s check some stats.
looks like eight.
two from germany reading that dumb bondage post i did.
boy, they’re a repressed bunch those germans are.
hmmm, what have we here?
i think those penis enlargement supplements are actually working.
it does look bigger.
no one cares though.
it's not like keaton complains.
but she'll be surprised just the same in a few more months.
damn, coffee's cold.
it's not bigger.
it's just the angle and semi-confused state.
infomercial bastards.
that sure was a f**kin waste of $29.95.
what am i doing anyway?
oh yeah.

"clean slate"
that sounds dumb.
"clean slate"
sounds like something boss don would have said.
wonder where that fat lard is these days.
probably a cio or something.
turd head.
i need a better title.
let's see.

"empty canvas"
yeah type that up there.
v ... a ... s ...
is it two s'es?
how do you spell s'es?
run this through spell checker.
what do ya know, it's s's. not s'es.
i gotta get dressed.
this writing in the buff to help the creative juices isn't all it's cracked up to be.
"cracked" ... that's funny.
i'm pretty lucky that i like my own stuff.
maybe it's a curse.
hold on ... i'll be right back mister keyboard.

(a minute passes)

that's better.
i love this shirt.
"empty canvas"
i really should get a colonoscopy.
need to defrost the chicken.

"empty canvas"
this has been long enough.
probably the only person who would read this far is lightly.
wonder what that crazy canadian is gonna say.
probably something wiseguyish.
is that even a word?
i wonder if lightly has that canandian "heh" at the end of like every word known to mankind?
wonder how that accent happened?
it's like me with "yous" and "already" already.
weird how that happens.

"empty canvas"
sure is.
well i think that's enough of this.
they get the idea.

the end.

(now you know bob inside and frontwards.)


Randy Johnson said...

Sounds like it’s time to sit on the back porch and defrag the ol’ noggin.

itsmecissy said...

Let it go, forget about judgment. Go ahead and write drivel, anything, just as long as you write SOMETHING.

itsmecissy said...

And yes, you really should get a colonoscopy.