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Friday, February 18, 2011

the hair washing dilemma

i'm about to take off to get my quarterly haircut.
here's the dilemma.
i wash my hair before i go.
they wash it again before it gets cut.
i wash it later to get the hair stiffening gel out.
that's too many hair washings to be considered the environmentally friendly guy i am.
i need to eliminate one but not sure which.

(it is at times like this that i wish i could use some childhood commonsense: get rid of all of them.)


itsmecissy said...

Just put on a hat and be done with it. You can always say no to the hair gel too you know.

Pam said...

Let your hair grow. I'll send you a box of scrunchies.

Buffy said...

I think Pam may be on to something.