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Thursday, January 6, 2011

check out "this and that" for a little winter story

with all this talk of snow and cold, i dusted off a short story about one particular snow day that nearly wiped out the ten year old population of madison street, glen ridge, new jersey. not because of weather but because of frozen brains and the Flying Duchess.


lightly said...

thanks bob, did the cold freeze your brain to the chair.
so where is this short story you speak of

Randy Johnson said...

Okay lightly, I see that Bob overestimated you, so let's try to point you in the right direction. Okay, stick your finger on the computer screen right here → X

Good, that's very good Lightly. Now slide your finger over to the right there until you get it into the next column. That's good ...do you need to rest now? Okay, now when you're ready slide your finger down until you see the words "this and that." You're really getting warm now! Now slide it down just another half inch.

Good job lightly! Everyone together say "good job Lightly!"

Okay Lightly, you can look under your finger now :)

lightly said...

ah, so why didn't bob just say so in the first place, i r not the fasted kid in the sandbox

Pam said...

Good job, lightly.

This is such a fun story and reminiscent of some of my childhood sleigh rides. One of these days, I'll have to tell all of you about the time I attached a sleigh to long lines which were attached to the horse. Talk about not thinking things through.