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Thursday, December 16, 2010

a cardinal with an attitude!

there is a female cardinal that for the past two months at all hours of the day insists on circling the house and flying into the glass windows and doors ... repeatedly.
so yesterday, i had finally had enough and confronted her.
i jumped out from behind the glass door.

"jesus christ! you scared the crap out of me!"
"and you call yourself a cardinal using the lord's name like that!"
"who the hell are you? the pope!"
"forget that. what gives cardinal?"
"get outta the way! you're in my reflection bub!"
" i see. and you're a wiseguy cardinal at that. a regular maureen dowd."
"yeah, whatever. now step aside. you're crampin' my style."
"but what are you doin' with the flying into the glass all day long? are you mental or something?"
"geez ... you're a nosy son of a bitch too!"

i could see this was getting me nowhere fast.
so i stepped aside none the wiser and she started flying into the window again.

anyway, has this ever happened to you?
not so much the flying into the window, but the whole attitude thing because it's got me totally bugged man.


lightly said...

not since i stopped taking drugs

Robert Crane said...

hey that gives me an idea.

Pam said...

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby! Now you're talking to birds.

Worse yet, you think they're answering you back. Have you been hitting that Spanish wine again?wine?