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Thursday, November 18, 2010

the madcap travel blog, entry 7: smooch capital of the world

they supposedly smooch every where in this city but so far they're making out just in front of me.
and when they smooch they grab on to the caboose like it's a runaway train.
it's nauseating.
even keaton's joining the act, as she insists on fighting back.
now i'm not complaining or nothing, but i'm not what you call a natural born, public pucker-upper.
besides, these lip lockers are half our age, to which keaton responds by kissing me twice as long, caboose clutched and all.

the whole thing has me a little unglued quite honestly.


itsmecissy said...

Just lay back and enjoy the ride bob. You don't want more more thing for your jar of regrets now do ya?

supermom said...

I am really really shocked that lightly hasn't gone and jumped all over this entry about how you should be the caboose clutcher and showing everyone who the real man is in whatever gorgeously ancient European city you are currently traveling within.

Robert Crane said...

ms. itsy, good advice, although after my performance last night at dinner with 7 females, one from the netherlands no less, i'll need another jar when i get back.

supes, i know he is going to weigh in soon enough and when he does i'm going to shut my eyes, put my hands over my ears and start yelling, "la, la, la ,la la ..." until his comment goes away because i know it's gonna be a doozy.

lightly said...

relax bob, i will never kick a man who has 7 women eating out of his hand.
but when he gets back to Terra firm he is fair game.

itmeCissy/supermom/pam are doing a fine job without my help,