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Monday, November 22, 2010

the madcap travel blog, entry 10: and the final travel jeopardy question is ...

well, i'm back.
in one piece.
for the most part.
just had a pint of plain, non-fat, greek yogurt to subdue the spanish inquisition goin' on in the bowels of my innards.
and you know what?
spanish inquisition is a pretty good way to put it since i just returned from spain.

"what is madrid, spain?" is another good way to put it, that is, if i were answering the final travel jeopardy question, which i guess i have to since no one around here seems to be very good at guessing bob travel destinations, even though i gave clues that sarah palin figured out, whose comments i deleted because of all the misspellings, which apparently got her all persnickety because i was like, "hey sarah, you have to spell spain right if you want to be my president some day", and she was all like, "oh, listen to mister eleetist who doesn't even know spane there is spelled the same as rane and plane because i know how the song goes, so maybe ya should read a book there bob before you go gettin' all eye brow ya know", and then i'm thinkin' that she must of meant "high brow" (another good reason to keep her away from washington) and that i don't need any of this because, as you can see by the picture below, i have my own problems, and so i just kept deleting her comments like there was no tomorrow, which i had a feeling this contest was gonna lead to anyway but i did it an account of itsmecissy likes guessing at things but i didn't think she'd be worse than palin for cryin' out loud there.

but enough of that already.

a pic from a small cafe window in segovia, spain, where the little piggies never quite make it all the way home.

and one last parting shot of my favorite hangout, where i waited like some sort of sicko pervert to offer little piglets candy in hopes of luring them to a boiling vat of cooking oil i concocted in the hotel bath tub like hannibal lechter with a pork fetish for chrissakes.

this is the sort of thing that concerns me quite frankly!

oh yeah, there are no winners to this contest.
just losers and sarah palin.
and this will not be repeated any time soon, i can tell ya that for sure!


itsmecissy said...

Well, I WAS going to guess Madrid, Spain, especially when you said Barcelona was close, until I suspected you hadn't really gone anywhere in the first place, so I stopped playing the game.

That being said (I never get to use that little ditty), hope your bout of the "spanish inquisition" ends soon. Lots of yogurt will help.

itsmecissy said...

Wait a dog-gone picking minute: worse than palin? I may forgive you for saying that since you're going through the spanish inquisition and all, but I'll have to think about it.

Robert Crane said...

oh please ...
piense todo desea.
no cambiar√° una cosa que apesta.
¡me muero aqu√≠!

Randy Johnson said...

At last the waiting is over, and now you can explain what the clue "boy the atlantic has a lot of water. maybe we should have taken a boat of some sort."
has to do with Madrid, Spain.

Robert Crane said...

well mister all-in-a-bunch, if i said the pinto or the nina or the santa maria, one of the boats i was thinking of, rather than use the more general word, "boat", even lightly would have gotten it, and all hell would have broken loose.

are ya followin' me?

itsmecissy said...

That's it, I'm OUTTA HERE (guess where I'm going).

Robert Crane said...

i know!
i know!

what is a short pier?

Pam said...

Losers!!!??? Sarah Palin!!!??? Tsk, tsk, Bobby. Estas en grandes problemas ahora! Ademus, sus pistas stunk!

Randy Johnson said...

Oh great Clue-Master: I was on the right track for a fleeting moment. Finding "Santa Maria" (Santa Maria Da Feira, Portugal) is what led me to Porto (right next door.)
“Porto” = “port” a place to put your boat …get it? Really long limb huh? Not even in the right tree. Same forest though!!! HA!

Pam said...

Your November 22 comment is confusing. What do you mean exactly? Translated it says, "think about everything you want. do not change a thing that sucks. Here I die." Hm-m-m.