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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cranelegs travels across the pond!

oh baby!
in twelve hours i'm leaving on a jet plane.
going across the pond.
accompanying keaton on a rather extended business trip.
so i will be left alone, days on end, in a city where english will be tough to use meaningfully, and where i suspect my four years of latin will have limited impact.
in other words, i'm certain an international incident is quite possible whenever i step outside the hotel.

here's the best part.
i'm not saying where.
you'll have to stay tuned, and you'll have to guess—you only get one!
and your answer must be in the form of a question, for example, "what is munich, argentina?".
think of it as international final jeopardy, subject: city in peril, and i'm vanna white (or whoever the guy is).

and the prize?
the first person who guesses right will get an autographed book from yours truly, which if i'm very lucky will be from a real publisher (another long story i will tell one day after i get the final decision soon; don't want to put the whammy on it).
if i'm not lucky, a signed photo of me with really spectacularly dressed authorities might be something folks would treasure.
we'll see.
keep your collective fingers crossed on the publishing deal.

anyway, how about them apples?

here's a little hint to get the jeopardy juices flowing: "boy the atlantic has a lot of water. maybe we should have taken a boat of some sort."

good luck!


lightly said...

pork knuckle sandwich and beer is the way to go, its a beautiful city try not screw it up.
take camera we need proof.

i feel sorry for the poor flight crew, i can just imagine the hell old bob is going to put them through.

oh and for the record they actually speak english. you american need to get out more, English in some schools in germany is mandatory unlike some american schools

bob come back with a bit of culture ,its the least you could do.

oh, and they have internet there so "sorry i was unable to do the blog because of technology reason" is no excuse
on the other hand "i was so busy having fun" is a very valid excuse
you decide which one you will throw at us.

supermom said...

lightly wants the picture - I can feel it!

Pam said...

I know...it's Italy! Home of the meatballs.

Robert Crane said...

pam, pam, pam ... first off your answer is not in the form of a question and twice off, italy is not a city. you haven't blown it yet though, since neither qualify as answers.

be vehwee, vehwee cehful.

itsmecissy said...

What is Rome, Italy?

Pam said...

In the form of a question!? I missed that in the instructions.

Thanks, itsme, for setting me straight.

So, here's the question: Where are you exactly?

Randy Johnson said...

"boy the atlantic has a lot of water. maybe we should have taken a boat of some sort."

Aha! ...ummm, I got nothing. Can I buy a vowel?