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Friday, September 24, 2010

alix and crab cake sandwiches

keaton is on a two week business trip to europe.
in her absence last night, alix, my pseudo-step-daughter, cooked up some scrumptious crab cake sandwiches for me and the boys (i.e., ed, my nickname for her boyfriend, short for eating disorder, he eats everything in sight that hasn't touched an onion; and my son, who goes by "dr. no" because he answers "no" to questions like gangsters take the fifth—such is the state of my posse these days).
anyway, believe me, i'm not complaining.
alix has been doing a great job of using leftovers from a huge seafood festival party we hosted this past weekend.
but i'm starting to think the leftovers might be getting ... well ... not so lefty, just over.

i expressed this concern in not so many words to keaton's long distance inquiry as to how the crab cakes went, when i responded, well they were delectably affable going in but very crabby coming out.


lightly said...

bob before calling foul to crab cakes, you better learn to cook because you will soon be eating burnt water for dinner.
Big mac can only be eaten a few times a month before system starts fighting back.
Maybe Itsmecissy and Pam can send you meals.
now would be a good time for hommie to makes friends with his peeps.

Randy Johnson said...

Having banned walking meat at our table several months ago I’m growing very fond of seafood, and those crab cakes sound delicious, but I have a very strict 2 day limit on the leftovers. Oh that walking meat could loiter next to the sour cream experiment till the end of the week sometimes, but that swimming and scuttling stuff starts to make me nervous after a few low tides.

itsmecissy said...

Oooo, not a good sign "crabby coming out." Might be time to stock up on Peptol Bismol . . .

Pam said...

Hm-m-m, crab cakes & sour cream hangin' around a few days could be sent to the pharmaceutical companies. Ya never know what may develop.

I'll be happy to send along a care package, Bobby. When all else fails, there's nothing like a good ole PB and J sandwich.