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Thursday, July 8, 2010

get ready big apple! here comes the king of the courtlands!

i hate to ruin a good show tonight but lebron james will announce his team and it will be the new york knickerbockers.
the king of the courtlands will become king of the big apple.
how do i know?
my friend benny got a call from his "niece" patty in which she revealed that her partner jessie delivered a fedex package yesterday to kirby dolan's townhouse, who just so happens to be the illegitimate step daughter of evan dolan, who just so happens to be the unknown half brother of james dolan, who just so happens to be owner of the knicks.
as jessie told it, when kirby answered the door, she was wearing nothing but an extra large knick tee with the number 6 and the name "james" displayed in proud knickerbocker orange on blue.
apparently, one thing led to another, and jessie is no longer with patty as a result of the inappropriate hot girl on girl action she engaged in with kirby, but during the breakup call, jessie further confessed overhearing kirby talking to her sort of half step uncle james dolan, during which kirby promised to wear the jersey to a dolan family news conference scheduled for tonight at 9:15, which just so happens to be five minutes after king james announces his decision to be king of the big apple.


it's as believable a story as any other you're gonna hear today!
so why not?
especially since it includes "inappropriate hot girl on girl action", which i thought was an angle no one else has looked into for this horrorshow.


itsmecissy said...

I posted that last Thursday, where've you been?

Robert Crane said...

i've been around sister, that's where i've been. you were just makin' a prediction. big deal.

i've got information and lesbionics (not that there's anything wrong with that). and when you have information and lesbionics you control the world.

itsmecissy said...

Not a prediction, I stated it as fact on July 1st on my blog.

Wonder what Paul the Psychic Octopus would say? (look it up)

lightly said...

girl on girl porn and sports all in on blog, now if you could have just added a beer reference in there you would have scored a home run.

itsmecissy said...

OK, we were BOTH wrong. He signed with the Miami Heat - what a WASTE.

Robert Crane said...

huh ... well doesn't that just take the cake. ya know, benny's niece has always struck me as a bit of a little ... a ... well a little exaggerator to tell ya the truth. i think it was the gratuitous lesbionics that should have tipped me off she didn't know what she was talking about.

live and never learn i always say.