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Friday, June 11, 2010

a few thoughts on the mess

i was watching morning joe being broadcasted from the pristine white beaches of pensicola when it struck me, they have it all wrong.
rather than protecting the beaches from oil, we should be channeling the oil to the beaches.
they are a natural filtration system.
we should use them, not avoid them.
all i hear is how much easier it is to collect the oil off the sand.
but all i see is a mad rush to insulate the beaches from doing just that.
i don't get it.
well, actually i do.
save the tourism business—reminiscent of the short-sighted logic used to keep the beaches open in the movie, jaws.
and we all know how that turned out.
this will make jaws look like a helpless crude covered guppy when it's all over.

look, we have the makings for the mother of all disasters bubbling away in the gulf.
use the beaches.
they are the only tool in the natural arsenal.
they will recover.
tourism will recover.

what won't recover is this crowded planet, if that eco-system dies.
and every day it is subjected to this tar terrorism, is a day closer to its last blue breath.

use the beaches.
stop drilling.
make alternatives the only-tives.
and maybe, just maybe, this planet we have assaulted will forgive us.

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