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Thursday, May 13, 2010

where was i?

where was i the last two days?
oh, that's right!
milling about the halls of congress.
advocatin' for c.a.r.e. and senate and house bills that support its obsession with ending world poverty through ending child marriage, supporting food security and providing maternal health.

and let me tell ya, this government of ours?
it's a mess.
it's run by a lot of of very stupid people, who'd rather play political hot potatoe than just do the right thing and get these bills to their respective floors for a vote and passage.

and why is all this so important?
well for starters, in the time it took you to read this little post, 12 childred died from causes of an unreliable food source, a dozen girls between the ages of 10-14 were forced to marry, and one mother died as a result of avoidable, insufficient prenatal, birth and post natal care.

and with starters like that who needs enders.

yeah, so that's where i was.
and although the old bait and switch was well employed by keaton to get me down there, i'm more than willing to do it all over again if asked.
if you haven't tried it, i suggest you give it a shot some time.
it's an eye opener for sure.


bgrant said...

I totally agree with you there..the govt is defintely run by a bunch of stupid people LOL! I believe that they've become so unattached to what's really going on in society and the world around them that they dont even care if and when a bill is passed. It's sad...

Randy Johnson said...

My sincere comment about Bob’s gallant effort :
Way to charge in there Bob. You’re like the White Knight fighting the Mighty Dragon armed with only a tooth pick (I mean you have the toothpick, not the dragon …that wouldn’t even be fair) Anyway, now your tooth pick is broken, and your hair is on fire, but you tried and that’s what’s important; you tried.

My opinionated comment about politicians:
Stupid? ….maybe, it’s hard to argue otherwise, but what’s even more dangerous than “stupid” politicians is “bought and paid for” politicians. Until we the people quit voting for the guy with the biggest campaign chest, and start voting for the guy with the biggest heart in his chest (and a brain to go with it) we’re screwed. This country’s a big ship, and it doesn’t turn on a dime. We’ve been zigzagging straight toward disaster for 30+ years now, and every time we pull to the right we hit another frickin ice berg. For God’s sake voters turn left! America is not unsinkable, and despite what FOX news is telling you, there are only enough life boats for the filthy rich. Turn Left! Women and children first doesn’t mean anything to these people. Turn Left!

itsmecissy said...

Stupid, bought & paid for, it's all essentially the same. The latest/best so far: Eric Holder whining that he doesn't have time to read the 10 page Arizona's SB1070 --- the health care bill was over 2,000 pages --- bet he didn't read that either.

Who are these IDIOT'S?

Robert Crane said...

nothin' like a little political talk to get the juices flowin'. thanks all for your juice flowin' comments!