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Thursday, May 20, 2010

what a friggin nightmare

i've got this heart problem.
it been racing like a ginger baker drum solo in the middle of the night.
i think it's the stress related to the fact that i've been worried ever since i ran out of my "beta blocking" heart pills a month ago.
and i'm tellin' ya right now lightly, vegatables don't do squat.
so i had to see doctor crazy eyz ridlin in order to get the prescription renewed.
i went today, which was tomorrow yesterday for those who care, and i know there are a few.

here's the friggin nightmare part.
i lost height and gained weight.
an inch and a half off the top.
how does that happen?
at this rate i'll be dancing with the ants by november, those that aren't frozen anyway.
and do you think there was any concern by doc ridlin and his crackerjack crew of measurers?
i suggest not!
but geez, a three pound gain and you'd think it's a wonder i'm alive given all the rolling eyeballs and all.
what a friggin nightmare.
and it started out so nice today. 
it really did.
it's enough to make me want to jump out the basement window, that's what it's enough to make me!
well at least i got the beta blockers i so desired.
now at least i'll be able to sleep through the shrinking.


itsmecissy said...

Let's see, I’ve also been enjoying my own benefits of aging lately, but I seem to have forgotten what they are.

Me thinks you are going through andropause. Two of the symptoms are bone loss (shrinking) and depression. Last time I went to the Dr and got measured, I had lost 2 inches . . . of height. I won’t even comment about the weight gain!

Go sit out by the Pond and meditate.

lightly said...

okay so you short and fat, exercise and diet (ie avoid the pork chop , raw or otherwise). dig in your shoe closet and take out those 70's platform shoes (and in seconds you will have regained the height you lost).
don't worry about the CRAZY part because that's what makes you you.

and a spot of advice
one worries when the heartbeat stops not when its beating like a ginger baker drum solo.