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Friday, April 2, 2010

keaton and bob wrestle with meat eating and related stuff

keaton said, ever since i read that book we heard about on booktv, "eating animals", i've gone completely vegatarian.
i said, even sushi?
keaton said, yeah, especially sushi. according to the book, westerners are ruining the oceans just so they can have sushi. it's got to stop.
so i said, then i suppose we might just as well stop watching the food channel. after all, they are promoting the destruction of the planet based on what you are saying.

then she said, why the food channel? why not all the sports you watch and their meat eating ways?
i said, oh yeah, well if you really want to straighten everything out, get rid of booktv and the books they promote because that's really what's starting all the trouble around here.
then she said, get rid of books? you're sick.
i said, and doctors too!

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