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Sunday, April 18, 2010

(from the blook) a pocket full of resentments

i used to collect resentments like loose change in my front, right, pants pocket.
i’d never tell a soul either, especially the object of my discontent.
nope, i’d just accumulate them—little secret silent scars.
it’s what i did, very well!

yeah, in my front, right pocket.
and what a great place to store them.
i could wash my pants a thousand times, and they’d still be right there for me to pluck out and commiserate with whenever i was feeling taken for granted or put upon.

that is, until i met keaton.

i inadvertently did a wise thing.
i warned her about this little fetish.
and then she advertently did a wiser thing.
i don’t know when or how, but she cut tiny holes in all my front, right, pants pockets.
you know, small enough for resentments to fall through, but not change or chapsticks.
i can’t even find the holes, but i know they’re there somewhere, because now when i reach in to grab one or two, they’re gone, leaving me empty handed in the bad energy department.
and you know what?

it’s refreshing really.
almost minty.

my only regret is that i wish i had figured this out sooner rather than later.
hmm ... regrets.
now maybe that's something i could collect?
i'd have a basement full in no time flat, that's for sure.


Randy Johnson said...

I really like this one Bob! I enjoy most of your posts, but this one in particular I can relate to. I only regret that I didn’t write it, but I promise I won’t resent you for it. Instead I think I’ll grab a garbage bag and head down to the basement.

Robert Crane said...

glad you enjoyed this one randy. stay tuned though. i figured out something for regrets as well. it's better than a bag full in the basement.

Anonymous said...

you have such beautiful creations!

Robert Crane said...

thanks anon. we probably all do in some way.

really appreciate the thought and your taking the time to share it.