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Friday, April 2, 2010

beats all get out!

i said, well if that doesn't beat all get out!
my son asked, what does that mean?
i said, you know the expression, "get out", like "get out of town" or "get out of here"?
my son said, yeah.
i said, well, what you told me you did beats all of that. it beats all get out.
my son said, huh?
i said, oh forget it. what you did is boss as nails. okay?
my son looked at me like i was speaking in swedish or whatever it is they speak in socialism.
then he repeated real sarcastic-like, boss as nails?
i thought for a minute and finally said, what we have here is a generational divide.
and my son said, that's the dope.

i didn't even ask.

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