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Saturday, May 1, 2010

(from the files) 989. kitchen issues

keaton asked, where are the olives that were here?
i said, already put away hon.
keaton said, but i wasn't done with them yet.
i said, oh, well i thought you were. sorry.
keaton asked, what's that in your hand?
i said, um, that garlic seasoning i love. i was going to—
she said, no! no seasoning! you want to season? go outside and make it summer.

i asked, not even a little?
keaton said, no! no little! in fact, give me that before i do something you'll really regret.

i looked around for something to do.
within a minute i had found something that i was sure would be worthy of keaton's wild appreciation.

i was quick like a bunny about it and within a blink of an eye, i was on the prowl again.

then keaton asked, where's the bowl i had on the counter? it was just here a minute ago.
i said, washed and put away my love.
she said, but i didn't even use it yet.
i said, well doesn't that beat all get out.

then she slapped her hands on the counter and said, you know, you are like the dog that can't be taught to sit.
i said, yeah, i guess i am sort of a free spirit, if that's what you mean.
she said, no. no it's not at all.


lightly said...

BOB: Houston we have a problem over
HOUSTON: come in bob over
BOB: houston my tv is on the blink over
HOUSTON: whatever you do don't go into the kitchen over
HOUSTON: hello bob over
HOUSTON: come in bob over
HOUSTON: come in canberra over
CAMBERRA: hello houston just saw pork chop leaving bobs house
HOUSTON: 911 come in
911: no worries houston we on the way to bob's house with new TV

robert crane said...

thanks lightly!
thanks for capturing a day in the life of bob.
a bad day mind you.