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Friday, October 9, 2009

979. peace and bombs and intelligent design

it took us forty years from our first steps on the moon to bomb it.
and what a better way to acknowledge the feat than for our president to win the nobel peace prize.
if this isn't the death of intelligent design, i'm not sure what is.


lightly said...

not one to state the obvious, but if they looking for water, they just have to go west, we have billions and billions of gallons of the stuff right here.
its not like we going to have beach front property on the moon.
now if they used that money smartly they could build a city in the desert, oh wait that other set of thugs have already done that.

Pam said...

No wonder the weather is so cold this time of year...even in upstate NY. Bombing the moon for water has sent slushy rain to our area. Again, the government has spent millions to screw up the environment.