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Sunday, October 4, 2009

976. we both have our causes

today keaton is finishing up the third leg of her three day walk (60 miles) throughout the hills of windy san francisco for breast cancer.
it is just one of her many causes that make me proud.
as for me, today i'm sitting for hours in anxious wait to support my beloved n.y. giants play yet another game.
it is one of my many causes and while i haven't asked keaton, i'm certain my total devotion to this cause has a special place in her heart somewhere—like an aortic aneurism perhaps .

and when i think about it, this is exactly why keaton and i get along so well.
we maintain a shared desire to be driven to something bigger than ourselves.
and at the end of the day, we just do it with the quiet confidence that it isn't so much what the relative merit of our cause might be but that we have one.

(although nothin' for nothin', placing my very being in the hands of the n.y. giants sunday after sunday isn't exactly like a stroll through the park. i'm just sayin'. that's all.)

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