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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

973. the shipyard dog

keaton and i hopped out of the car to begin a 3.5 mile walk just a stones throw east of the small town of ballydehob.
the walk started at a shipyard, and curled around the nob of a small peninsula.
up hills and through pastures with mindful views throughout.
like all the other walks in every way.
except this time we had the pleasure of being accompanied by a four legged guide.

as we made our way around the first bend in the road, here he came.
he quietly walked up to us, sniffed our knees and carried on ahead.
the entire walk.
all 3.5 miles.
sometimes behind us.
sometimes along side.
but mostly in front.
and always making that next choice for us when we came upon a fork or crossroad that required a decision.

he didn't speak much.
but he was a busy little guy.

at one point we were faced with a rather large herd of hefty heifers coming up the road.
our guide walked through the open gate that led to the field the cows were clamoring towards, where we can only imagine he helped the farmer shepherd them to their final grazing place.

we pressed on without him, making a few turns here and there along the way.
and soon enough, here he came.
marking his spots at every chance.
as quietly competent a canine as ever there was.
and when we arrived back at the car, off he pranced to the shipyard from where he came.
no paw out for a tip or a treat.
just another job well done.
the people we met were great but when the dogs are even first class, you start to wonder what's in the water.

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Theresa111 said...

This is an endearing story. I want to visit Ireland.