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Friday, July 23, 2010

(from the files) 962. something about al roker

we all know one.
a person who defies gravity and is merry 24 by 7.
and just in case you don't know anyone, i've got two words: al roker.
that kind of jolly fellow.

boy i'd love to be a fly on his merry walls.
who is he kiddin' anyway?
no one can be that merry all the time.
i mean, what did he do on 9/11?
hide, knowing it wasn't a good day for public merriment?
keeping all that merry to himself?

nope, these merry types can't be trusted.
they're a misery suppressed lot if you ask me.
mark my words, poor al is going to show up dead in a back alley somewhere not looking so merry.
and when everyone else is running around shocked, i'll be the first to say, i told you so.

don't get me wrong.
i like al roker.
i like him a lot, especially with all that weight loss and stuff.
and believe me, i hope it doesn't come to this.
but if he doesn't show some miserableness very soon, he's pushing his merry luck.

being miserable from time to time is downright mental healthy.
old man vanderbeek up the road was miserable all the time and he lived to a hundred and nineteen, if a day.
i'm just saying, a little misery can go a long way.

so the next time you see that merry person, tell 'em.
tell 'em to wipe that smile off their face.
tell 'em before it's too late.
tell 'em for their own miserable good.
besides, it'll make you feel merrier too boot!


itsmecissy said...

I know one of those. She practically tap dances down the hall near my office EVERY SINGLE MORNING. No one normal can be that MERRY first thing in the morning. NO ONE. One of these days I'm going to stick my foot out the door and trip her. How's that for sharing the misery? Someone's got to do it!!!

Robert "Cranelegs" Crane said...

that's the spirit! let us all know when you spread the miseryness.

lighly - aka mr merry said...

bob your entire herd of followers don't know the meaning of merry.
hell we all joined the dark side before Darth ever did

Darth Vadar said...

"lightly, I am your Father."