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Monday, July 6, 2009

918. a lesson from baby dumpling

when i was growing up, one of my best friends, richey (a.k.a. "baby dumpling"), always had a booger hanging out his nose.
at the time, it was the source of easy ridicule and mockery, as only young male friends can engage in.

but now i think of it differently.
in retrospect, the "dumpling" was trying to make a statement.
he was trying to warn us that's how life is for some.

you see, the truth is there is always a booger flapping around the nostrils of life.
sometimes defiantly dry-crusted to the skin.
other times moist-gooped and ready to eject without warning.
always mucking up the little self-confidence one might occasionally indulge in.
and although a good sneeze might dislodge them from time to time, others are soon to take their place.
it is the human condition, at least mine anyway.

yup, life is a bowl full of boogers.
and if you don't think so, just ask any kid.
he or she will be sure to cackle like a hyena to the punch-line of a wildebeest joke at the mere suggestion that life could be anything else but.

my apologies richey for i was cruel and of ill will, when thoughtful introspection is clearly what was called for.


lightly said...

having a moment of reflection are we, so tell us bob did keaton smack you on the side of the head again

itsmecissy said...

"...a booger flapping around the nostrils of life."

THAT is exactly how I feel today bob, thanks for putting words to it.

Although I admit, I'm hanging here worried about that flicking finger of fate . . .